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Contemporary Painters Jahar Dasgupta

Gallery of Paintings

Jahar DasguptaJahar Dasgupta is a remarkable name in the world of creative art in modern Bengal. Born in 1942 in steel town of Jamshedpur, Bihar, he has his early training in arts and painting in Shantiniketan under such legendary masters like Ramkinkar Baiz and Benode Behari Mukherjee. In 1964 he got his diploma in painting and within a small interlude of three years he organised his own first one man show at Birla Academy, Calcutta. That was the golden beginning and he went on climbing the peaks and made his presence felt in the circle of artists and art-lovers allover the country.

Jahar’s drawings and paintings are straight, firm, deep-rooted and massive in meaningful message. He is a rebel in his own world challenging hitherto imposed barriers and bondage of traditional ideas and contemporary groupisms.

A lonely wanderer and pathfinder he treads alone with his passionate zeal and enviable urge and concern for social justice. Pain, passion and protest of the time, dream and despair of our problem-riddled age have their full echo in his magnificent strokes of brush with unfamiliar mingling of colours. That way he reaches straight into the hearts of those who can read words in colours and sketches.

Man is an integral part of the living universe and nature is closest to him. Jahar in some of his recent works, recaptures this undenying relationship with the soft use of timid yet bright and transparent colour. The lost glory of that traditional bond is revived and retold with such superb mastery that the quietude of the green enters into our soul.

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