F A Q For Sell

What is the benefit of selling through IMP?

IMP offers a range of benefits including 24 years of web presence, guarantee of authenticity, access to experienced experts for pricing advice, global reach, assistance with promotion, transportation, and billing, as well as thorough scrutiny of artwork authenticity and prominence.

Who can sell their artwork through IMP?

Collectors, art dealers, and art galleries are all welcome to sell their authentic artworks through the IMP platform.

How can I ensure my artwork's authenticity is verified?

IMP's team of experts will scrutinize the artwork's authenticity and prominence, providing assurance to both sellers and buyers.

What documents do I need to provide when selling my artwork?

Sellers are encouraged to upload high-resolution photographs of the artwork and any accompanying authenticity certificates, if available. Also, you have given your bank account details to receive payment and a valid ID proof.

What if the information provided by the seller is incorrect?

Sellers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information provided. If any incorrect information leads to third-party claims or proceedings for compensation, the seller undertakes to indemnify IMP against such claims or damages.

How will I be informed once my artwork is sold?

IMP will notify you once the sale is completed.

What is the procedure for delivering the artwork to IMP's office after sale?

Within 72 hours of intimation, the seller must deliver the artwork to IMP's office in Kolkata at their own cost.

When will I receive payment for the sold artwork?

After 7 days of the buyer receiving the artwork, IMP will pay the sale proceeds to the seller after deducting their charges and applicable GST.

What happens if the buyer raises concerns about the artwork's authenticity or prominence?

If the buyer makes any claims regarding the authenticity or prominence of the artwork, the seller is liable to refund the money within 7 days' notice.