In 1997, we took our first momentous and ingenious step by arranging an art camp series named 'The Artist in His CityIngenious, because we had selected ten odd and striking places of the city, where the artists toyed to recreate the image of their city on their canvas. And we The Eye Withinprovided them with the scope and infrastructure to realize it. Our chosen areas were Dakshineswar Temple, Kidderpore Dock, College Street Coffee House, Sonagachhi red light area, Kumartolli, Esplanade crossing, Writers Building and such places. These camps got exceedingly popular and got a huge coverage by the media. Eminent artists like Prokash Karmakar, Swapan Polley, Sanjay Das participated in this camp.

In India and abroad, we have hosted numerous exhibitions. In abroad, we have held exhibitions in Sidney, Australia, Cincinity (U.S.A.) and many more. In India, we have held exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and many more. We do organize cultural evenings with talented dancers, singers and musicians. Among the notable sponsors of these cultural nights, we had SONY with us.

In 2004, we organized a camp named
I AM ABLEin joint effort with REHABILITATION INDIA. It was an effort on our side to encourage the physically disabled few to draw, to cherish few moments of joy. The event was sponsored by Science City, Allahabad Bank & Bharat Petroleum. It was presided by the honourable Government Shymal Sen and participated by celebrities from all corners of life.

In 2005, we did a charitable art camp named
HARMONY IN DIVERSITYTo support the victims of Tsunami. Eminent painters like Prokash Karmakar, Shyamal Dutta Roy and many others with authors like Sunil Gangopadhyaya, Samaresh Majumdar participated in this camp. This event was sponsored by Allahabad Bank, SAIL, TATA Steel, ONGC, Indian Oil and Teachers.

Another art camp was held by us in the same year in
Fort Radissonin Raichak. Among the eminent painters, we had Samir Aich, Sunil Das, Prokash Karmakar, Shekhar Roy, Aditya Basak, Subrata Bandopadhyaya and such like for fund-raising of the Golden Brush2006.

In 2006, we started a remarkable award-giving night on paintings from all-over Bengal named THE GOLDEN BRUSH. Unlike celluloid, photography, and other visual media there was no awards to encourage the young talents who dress up their canvas with immense gusto and die-hard efforts to create new forms. Yet paintings are sold at phenomenal prices and painters are revered as celebrities. As an opening year, we held this celebration night at The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata in 15th of March. Our ceremony was inaugurated by Priyaranjan das Munshi and was graced by the presence of the popular celebrities like Rupa Ganguly and Ranjit Mullick. This event was sponsored by Bajaj Alliance, United Breweries, Allahabad Bank.

In 2006, we had organised an Art Camp in Myanmar. It was participated by many stalwart  painters from all over India like Sunil Das, Shuvaprasanna, Suhas Roy, Jatin Das, Prokash Karmakar, Ellena Banik, Shipra Bhattacharjee, Bijan Chowdhury, Kahani Merchant, Brinda Miller, Shamshad Hussian and few other artist

In 2007, Golden Brush Award Ceremony was held at Oberoi Grand with much festivity and celebration. Many  notable personalities from all over society were present in this celebration of art

In 2008, we held an art camp in USA, it is participated by many notable painters from across India.

Golden brush 2008, was a celebration worthy remembering. It was held at science city auditorium , Kolkata, with the performance of few legendary film artist and singers and other cultural celebrities

We had organised several art exhibitions, art camps. 

In 2017, we had again organised an art camp in collaboration with SVAAD Santiniketan. It was participated by Jogen Chowdhury , Jaysri Burman Chandra Bhattacharjee, Mithu Sen, Farad Hussian, Laxman Goud, _Paresh Maity, Jayshree Chakroborty and many others.

In 2024, we had published limited edition Cross Hatch serigraph signed by Jogen Chowdhury, and released it to celebrate the silver jubilee celebration of our website. The event was held at Princeton club Kolkata. It was attended by many notable artists and other cultural personalities.

In 2024 , we  had organised an art camp in collaboration with Arts Acre Foundation. It was also attended by many famous painters such as Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharjee, Shipra Bhattacharjee, Prabhakar Kolte, Vinod Sharma, Dileep Sharma, Manish Pushkale, Chandra Bhattacharjee, Jayashree Chakraborty, Tom Vattakuzhy, Sujith SN, MS Murthy, K. Muralidharan, Indrapramit Roy, Manas Naskar, Ghana Shyam Latua, Rajib Deyashi, Arindam Chatterjee.

In 2024, we commemorate the 10th death anniversary of legendary painter Prokash Karmakar with a retrospective exhibition at Gallery Gold, Kolkata, from 7th to 12th May 2024. Preceding this, a press conference on 26th April 2024 at the Press Club, Kolkata, will feature esteemed painters Shuvaprasanna and Samir Aich, reflecting on Karmakar's profound impact on the art world.

In 2024, we celebrate Jogen Chowdhury's legacy at the Solo Exhibition marking the 25th Anniversary of Held at The Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, from May 21st to May 26th, immerse yourself in his remarkable paintings and sculptures, and honor his profound artistic vision.

We are revamping our website to cater the modern-day need. You can buy and sell your art works through us.