IMP shall handle each Lot, and the Purchaser shall purchase such Lot on the basis of the Seller's undertaking that:


1.the Seller is the sole owner of the Lot with an unrestricted right to transfer title to the Purchaser free from all third-party rights or claims;


2.the Seller has complied with all requirements legal or otherwise relating to any export or import of the Lot and has notified IMP in writing that there is no failure by any third party to comply with such a requirement in the past.

3.the Seller has notified IMP in writing of any material alterations to the Lot and of any concerns, expressions or claims made by third parties in relation to the ownership, additions or attributions of the Lot.


In case any of the 1, 2, 3 is incorrect, and due to the incorrect information provided by the Seller, any third-party institutes any claim or institutes any proceedings for compensation for damages then the Seller undertakes to indemnify IMP and keep IMP indemnified from time to time against any such claim for compensation or damages






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  8. Please upload high-resolution photographs of the artwork, and an authenticity certificate if any.
  9. Art dealers and art galleries are also welcome to sell their authentic artworks through our platform.
  10. IMP will provide online service with a nominal charge.